Podcast: We're shaking it up with a new format

We're introducing a subscribers-only segment to the weekly podcast, where we talk about even more stuff we've published.
Clockwise: Emanuel Maiberg, Joseph Cox, Sam Cole, Jason Koebler.
Image: 404 Media.

As you know, in the 404 Media Podcast we talk through a couple of stories we broke over the last week. We've decided to add some extra value to listeners: a subscribers-only section at the end of each episode. Here, we'll chat about another story from that week too, but only paying subscribers will get to listen. This week, that section is on how SIM swappers are teaming up with Eastern European ransomware gangs—a highly unusual marriage in the cybercrime world.

There are a couple of reasons for this format change. First, we want to give even more back to our paying subscribers. They are the engine that powers our journalism, and we wouldn't be here without them. Second, if you listen to the free version of the podcast you will have heard ads. These are programmatic and our podcast platform Acast inserts them (we don't select which ads or anything like that; it's much closer to seeing an ad in your web browser than anything else). To be very straight up with you: these ads generate pennies in revenue, and are not enough to maintain a responsible and sustainable journalism business.

So, why not give our paying subscribers even more? And, if you are still a free listener, maybe you would like to hear this extra content too? Subscribe below and you'll receive an email with instructions on adding the subscribers-only feed to the podcast app of your choice. Or if you're already paying: thank you so much.

As for this week's articles, first Emanuel explains how YouTube is making money off a livestream of an open air drug market. After the break, Jason and Emanuel discuss their two stories about Israel-Palestine and the lack of archiving efforts and freedom of information. Then as mentioned in the subscriber's only section, Joseph breaks down a wild new partnership in cybercrime: English-speaking SIM swappers and Eastern European ransomware operators.

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