Hello! As well as scoops, investigations, and blog posts, we also have two podcast feeds!

The first, available at the links below, is our free ad-supported weekly podcast. Joseph, Sam, Emanuel, and Jason catch you up on the stories we published this week.

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More importantly, we have a subscribers-only premium feed. To access this, check your inbox for an email from our podcast host Transistor! There, you get access to the weekly podcast a day before everyone else, it will come without ads, and you'll hear every week's bonus segment where we discuss an extra story just for subscribers. We also publish full bonus episodes. In the first one, we go long on why we quit VICE; Joseph describes the moment he learned what VICE executives were paid; and what we have planned for 404 Media. After that, the bonus episodes will contain exclusive behind-the-scenes content that others won't hear. How we reported stories, the stuff that got left on the cutting room floor, and much more.

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