A ton of people have helped us launch 404 Media. We especially want to thank:

Aaron Shapiro for designing our incredibly sick website and logo. Daniel Oberhaus of Haus Biographics for helping us with marketing and publicity. Derek Mead of Earthbound Pictures for his mentorship and undying love, which is mutual. Lainna Fader for her audience genius. Ryan Singel of Outpost for building a great product, and his support and guidance. Rob Zacny of Remap for hours of his time and wisdom. Ernie Smith of Tedium for his invaluable experience as an independent publisher. Sharon Attia for taking our headshots, group photos, and putting us in a dumpster. Casey Johnston of She’s a Beast for pushing us to go with Ghost and talking us through strategy. Julia Harman for helping us figure out how to make merch (more on this later).