Video Reveals Crucial Details of LAPD Ignoring Robbery to Catch Togetic in Pokémon Go

'The guys are going to be so jealous': Video reveals cops ignored robbery, blew a stop sign, sped over speed bumps on residential streets, and pulled an illegal u-turn, but were able to capture two very powerful Pokémon.
Video Reveals Crucial Details of LAPD Ignoring Robbery to Catch Togetic in Pokémon Go
Screengrab from video with Togetic added by 404 Media.
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Two Los Angeles Police Department officers who ignored a robbery in progress in order to catch a Snorlax and Togetic in Pokémon Go also rolled through a stop sign, sped through residential neighborhoods and zoomed over speed bumps, tailgated various cars, and drove the wrong way down a one-way road in order to catch ‘em all, video of the incident obtained by 404 Media six years after the event shows. 

For the last several years I have been generally obsessed with this April 15, 2017 incident, which resulted in the firing of officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell. Now, more than six years later, we have video of the incident, which fills in some crucial details that were left out of a previous transcript and investigation report I obtained while I was working at Motherboard. 

Here is a five-minute version of the video I edited that includes some crucial moments and have subtitled. Much of the audio is difficult to understand, my compliments to the LAPD Internal Affairs division for creating a relatively legible transcript and timeline of events. 


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