Broker That Sold Abortion Clinic Data Contracted with Air Force for ‘Targeting’

New documents show that SafeGraph, a company that previously sold location related to abortion clinics, was contracted to explicitly help the Air Force with “targeting” in “contested geographies.”
U.S. Air Force Aircraft.
Image: Nick Morales/Unsplash.
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SafeGraph, a data broker that previously sold location data related to abortion clinics, contracted with the U.S. Air Force to improve “targeting cycle and decisions” in “contested geographies,” according to documents reviewed by 404 Media.

The news provides more context on why SafeGraph, which has multiple relationships with U.S. public agencies, contracted with the U.S. Air Force.

“Geospatial Data to Navigate Contested Geographies,” the documents and public procurement records, dated May 2023, read. “Improving AFCENT and 9AF Targeting Cycle and Decisions.” 9AF, or Ninth Air Force, is responsible for missions with partner nations in Southwest Asia. AFCENT’s, the air component of U.S. Central Command, responsibility includes Israel, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Syria, and Iraq. Some of these are locations where the U.S. has launched airstrikes recently.

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