Police Bodycam Shows Sheriff Hunting for 'Obscene' Books at Library

Body camera footage from Idaho reveals a sheriff hunting for a YA book he could use for a political stunt.
Police Bodycam Shows Sheriff Hunting for 'Obscene' Books at Library
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Sheriff Robert Norris is speaking into his body camera. “Today’s date is April 20, approximately 7 a.m. Just want to document my visit to the Hayden Library. My attorney and I are just curious and would like to document this visit to see what kind of materials are on display here.”

Norris, the sheriff of Kootenai County, Idaho, meets up outside the library with Marianna Cochran, the founder of CleanBooks4Kids, a “grassroots group of North Idaho citizens alarmed at the abundance of books sexualizing, grooming, and indoctrinating kids in our local libraries at taxpayer expense,” to search for the book Identical, which Norris says he had “seen an image [of] floating on social media.” Cochran tells him that there is a “whole series” of books by the same author which feature “gay orgies, the whole deal. Prostitution.” Identical is a 2010 novel by Ellen Hopkins about twin sisters, and deals with themes of domestic sexual abuse.


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