Podcast: Your Identity Hacked, Yet Verified

An ID verification service for TikTok, Uber, and X exposed drivers' licenses; the FBI think it knows who is behind a Zoom Bombing ring; and Fiverr freelancing are offering to dox people for $30.
Clockwise: Emanuel Maiberg, Jason Koebler, Sam Cole, Joseph Cox.
Image: 404 Media.

We start this episode talking about some exciting updates for the podcast! For the first story, Joseph explains how an ID verification service for TikTok, Uber, and X exposed driver licenses, in a sign of what may be come as more sites demand to know our real identities. After the break, Jason breaks down what the FBI found when it investigated a specific Zoom Bombing ring. In the subscribers-only section, Emanuel and Joseph talk all about TLO, a powerful data tool that is being advertised on Fiverr to dox anyone for $30.

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