Fiverr Freelancers Offer to Dox Anyone With Powerful U.S. Data Tool

Dozens of Fiverr sellers are advertising access to TLOxp, a potent data surveillance tool sold by credit bureau TransUnion.
A sample of the listings.
Image: 404 Media.

Dozens of sellers on the freelancing platforming Fiverr claim to have access to a powerful data tool used by private investigators, law enforcement, and insurance firms which contains personal data on much of the U.S. population. The sellers are then advertising the ability to dig through that data for prospective buyers, including uncovering peoples’ Social Security numbers for as little as $30, according to listings viewed by 404 Media. Fiverr removed the listings after 404 Media inquired about the practice.

The advertised tool is TLOxp, maintained by the credit bureau TransUnion, and can also provide a target’s unlisted phone numbers, utilities, physical addresses, and more.