Service Jobs Now Require Bizarre Personality Test From AI Company, which is used by some of the biggest employers in the country, requires applicants to respond to dozens of confusing slides featuring a blue alien named Ash.
Ash the blue humanoid alien dressed like a chef talking to other blue alien customers at a restaurant.
One of the slides I had to respond to as part of the application process to Olive Garden. Image: Paradox
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Applying to some of the most common customer and food service jobs in the country now requires a long and bizarre personality quiz featuring blue humanoid aliens, which tells employers how potential hires rank in terms of “agreeableness” and “emotional stability.” 

If you’ve applied to a job at FedEx, McDonald's, or Darden Restaurants (the company that operates multiple chains including Olive Garden) you might have already encountered this quiz, as all these companies and others are clients of, the company which runs the test and helps them with other recruiting tasks.

Judging by the reaction on Reddit, where’s personality quiz has gone viral a couple of times in recent weeks and bewildered many users, most people are not familiar with the process. Personality quizzes as part of an application for hourly work isn’t new, but the test has gone repeatedly viral in recent weeks presumably because of the bizarre scenarios it presents applicants with and the blue humanoid alien thing. Other clients included on Paradox’s website include CVS, GM, Nestle, 3M, and Unilever. 

Man I just want a dishwasher job,” was the title of one thread on Reddit in a community of food service workers. The post shared a screenshot for “assessment Instructions” for part of the hiring process at Olive Garden. The instructions tell the applicant to “go with your gut and answer honestly,” and that “there is not one right answer.” They then include an image of a blue, humanoid alien they introduce as Ash, “who will represent you in each image.”