Pornhub's Nonconsensual 'Nudify' Ad

Sweetie Fox, Pornhub’s top adult content creator, made a sponsored video for a well-known nonconsensual “nudify” app.
A still images from Sweetie Fox's sponsored Pornhub video for a "nudify" app.
A still images from Sweetie Fox's sponsored Pornhub video for a "nudify" app.

Sweetie Fox, currently the #1 most popular adult content creator on Pornhub with almost 2 million subscribers, is promoting a well-known “nudify” or “undress” app that can take a photograph of anyone and use AI to produce an image that makes them appear naked.

The app, Clothoff, one of the better known apps that was used to create nonconsensual nudes of minors in two cases in Spain and New Jersey, was promoted in a recent Sweetie Fox video uploaded to Pornhub. A 404 Media reader who sent us a tip about the video said that it appeared on the front page, and by the time I saw it had over 2 million views. 

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The promotion of the app was in the style of a sponsored video most people might recognize from YouTube, where the video creator is actively promoting and interacting with the app in the video as opposed to a “pre-roll” or adjacent display ad. In the video, which was posted last week, Sweetie Fox and another popular adult content creator on Pornhub, Diana Rider, sit poolside in bathing suits and use the app to take photos of each other they then turn into nudes with the app. They incorporate the use of the app into the narrative of the video. Sweetie Fox shows a cameraman an AI-undressed photo of Rider, and he says “I can’t look at this, it’s my stepsister.” Rider says “It’s just an app.” The two then ask the cameraman to compare the app’s performance to their real bodies: “Maybe we show our body to him so he can compare?” Sweetie Fox says. This then leads to a 15-minute sex scene.  

The name of the app is included in the title of the video as well as a graphic in the corner of the video. Like many paid promotions across the internet, the on-screen graphic also includes a promotional code—”Foxy”—that people can use to get five image generations on the app for free. Typically, these promotional codes are used by the ad buyer to keep track of how many customers it's gaining from the ad campaign. 

“Hey Everyone, I’m your Sweetie Foxy again, and I have Diana Rider here to visit,” Sweetie Fox wrote in a comment under the video. “As you know, I don’t advertise anything I don’t like. But this app - give it a try. Everyone will love it and you’ll see why. Thank you.”

Sweetie Fox did not respond to a request for comment. 

Do you know anything else about Clothoff? I would love to hear from you. Using a non-work device, you can message me securely on Signal at ‪(609) 678-3204‬. Otherwise, send me an email at

After seeing the Sweetie Fox video promoting the “undress” app I searched the platform and found another very similar video promoting a nearly identical app. This video, from a much smaller creator that goes by Deluxe_Bitch on Pornhub, also included the app’s name in the title, and showed how it undresses her in the video before going into a 10 minute-long sex scene. While this video was posted a week before Sweetie Fox’s promotional video, it has only 26,000 views compared to Sweetie Fox’s two million.  

A still image from Deluxe_Bitch's ad for a "nudify" app with nudity and the app's URL pixelized.

It is not uncommon these days for adult content creators on Pornhub to make sponsored videos, especially Russian speaking creators like Sweetie Fox and Deluxe_Bitch. The latter, for example, created a promotional video in the same style last month for an app called “Sex Actions,” a dating, chat, and erotic game prompting couples to try different sex positions. Like many Russian speaking creators on Pornhub, many of Deluxe_Bitch’s Pornhub videos are sponsored by a gambling site called 1Win.

A Pornhub spokesperson told me in an email that product placement is allowed on Pornhub if the video creator indicates that the video is sponsored, but I did not see either video labeled as an ad.

“If content involves the promotion of a product that violates our terms of service or community guidelines, it should be removed,” the spokesperson said. “Gambling doesn't violate either, so that's why you see several videos with creators promoting gambling sites.” 

Deepfakes, the spokesperson said, are not allowed on Pornhub or other platforms under parent company Aylo, and the Sweetie Fox video was “disabled” and “unavailable pending review” after I reached out for comment. 

Pornhub banned deepfakes from its platform in 2018, shortly after the technology's consumer-level inception. At the time, it was still possible to find deepfake videos on the site uploaded by users, but in 2020, the platform purged all unverified content and strengthened its moderation practices.

The use of these “undress” apps is some of the most harmful consequences of AI tools. These apps have spread to schools across the country, and recently resulted in the arrest of two middle school students in Florida. In February, we covered a case in a Washington State high school where several students were investigated by the police for using an “undress” app that takes a real photograph of a person and makes them appear nude. In that story, the police report indicates the students found the app on TikTok, which previous reporting has shown also promoted these types of apps. In April we reported that some of these apps bought ads on Instagram and In December we reported that Twitter was also showing ads for these apps. Last week, Google updated its policy to ban all AI-generated porn from its ads platform, even if the ads themselves are not explicit.