Podcast: Ticket Scalpers, The New Frontier of AI Chat Bots, and Mass Doxing on TikTok

In this week's episode, Joseph, Sam, Emanuel, and Jason chat about, among a host of other things, Jason's failed attempt at being a ticket scalper.
Clockwise: Emanuel, Sam, Jason, and Joseph on the 404 Media podcast.
Image: 404 Media.

This week’s 404 Media Podcast is up! Every episode Joseph, Sam, Emanuel, and Jason go deeper on a few stories we published in the last week.

Jason starts us off with his expertise on how ticket scalping works on a technical level. Custom browsers that cost hundreds of dollars each, the purchase of other peoples' Ticketmaster accounts, and more. Did you know Jason got into covering ticket scalping as a beat because he used to be a ticket scalper? A bad one, though.

Then Sam takes us through how people are using AI chatbots without the usual guardrails of ChatGPT to explore their sexuality. Please note a content warning for that section on sexual themes and violence. And Emanuel hammers home a point he firmly believes in: porn and sex isn't just part of the AI industry, it is what is driving the industry forward, and leading to new developments.

After the break Joseph explains why he thinks privacy, or perhaps anonymity, is finally dead in public spaces. This is because of a Taylor Swift fan TikTok account that is using off-the-shelf facial recognition tech to unmask random people online.

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