Podcast: An Open Source Search Engine to Replace Google

This week we chat about an annoying recruitment tool, a new open source search engine, and how a botnet of toothbrushes wasn't real.
Left to right: Emanuel Maiberg, Jason Koebler, Joseph Cox
Image: 404 Media.

We've got a real variety this week. First, Emanuel talks about, a tool that massive brands like McDonald's, CVS, and FedEx are using to screen job applicants. It uses a bit of AI, but really this is more of a labor story. Then Jason breaks down Stract, an open source search engine that is trying to do search better than the increasingly bad experience of Google. In the subscribers-only section, the group goes long on how a viral story about a botnet of toothbrushes turned out to not be true, and how we've dealt with similar stories before.

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