Podcast: Google Finally Endorses Right to Repair

This week we talk right to repair, an online dating lawsuit, and a follow-up to the spread of AI-enabled surveillance cameras around the country.
Clockwise: Jason Koebler, Joseph Cox, Emanuel Maiberg, Sam Cole.
Image: 404 Media.

Well, that was a pleasant surprise: Google has formally endorsed right to repair! Jason not only broke this news but then had a long conversation with Google about why it made the change (spoiler: it was the concerted effort of consumers, activists, and journalists). Jason explains why this change matters in the first part of the show. After the break, Sam takes us through a pretty unusual court case and what it means for online dating. Then in the subscribers-only section, Joseph talks about a new map we just published showing which local police departments and public agencies have invested in the AI surveillance platform Fusus. Is your police department one of them? Take a look.

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