Podcast: OSINT, Twitter, and a $30 Million Bitcoin Ring

In this week's episode we talk about how Instagram is very, very sorry it auto-translated sentences containing "Palestinian" to add "terrorist." We also talk about the downward trend of OSINT on Twitter, and how the FBI cracked an alleged $30 million cash-for-Bitcoin ring.
Left to right: Emanuel Maiberg, Joseph Cox, Sam Cole.
Image: 404 Media.

This week’s 404 Media Podcast is up! Every episode Joseph, Sam, Emanuel, and Jason go deeper on a couple of stories we published in the last week.

For the first half of the show, we talk about a couple of stories around the Israel Palestine conflict. First, Instagram "sincerely apologizes" to Sam for its auto-translations which added the word "terrorist" to sentences containing the word "Palestinian."

Then, Joseph and Emanuel talk about their article about how verified Twitter accounts have taken the term "OSINT" and used it to spread their own garbage information. After the break, Joseph talks about another story of his: a fascinating court record pulls back the curtain on a $30 million cash-for-Bitcoin ring that was operating right under everyone's noses in the heart of New York.

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