YouTube Deletes 1,000 Videos of Celebrity AI Scam Ads

But plenty of deepfake scam videos are still on the platform.
YouTube Deletes 1,000 Videos of Celebrity AI Scam Ads
Image: a still from one of the videos still on YouTube featuring a deepfake Donald Trump voice.
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YouTube says that it is “aware” that its platform is being plastered with AI-generated ads in which celebrities unknowingly pitch scams, and that it is working on ways to better detect celebrity deepfakes on the platform.

After a 404 Media investigation into the prevalence of the ads, YouTube deleted more than a thousand videos tied to an advertising ring that used artificial intelligence to make celebrities like Taylor Swift, Steve Harvey, and Joe Rogan pitch Medicare scams. In total, the videos had nearly 200 million views, with both users and celebrities regularly complaining about them. 

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