Deadspin Is Becoming a Gambling Referral Site

"We aim to be able to support delivery of this via partnerships within the sports betting industry."
Deadspin Is Becoming a Gambling Referral Site
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Since G/O Media announced that the once-beloved website Deadspin had been purchased by a company called Lineup Publishing (with all writers laid off, effective immediately), inquiring minds have wanted to know: Who? 

As was pointed out almost immediately on social media and in articles about the sale that Lineup Publishing’s website has essentially no information on it, and the site itself had been spun up just days before G/O Media CEO and notable third-rate parasite Jim Spanfeller announced that Deadspin had been sold. Until now, no human behind Lineup Publishing has emerged.

A poorly protected IP address suggested that the new owner had ties to the online gambling industry. And an XML file hosted on the site showed the name "Max Noremo," which is the name of someone who has done affiliate marketing and SEO for gambling sites for a decade. After these facts were discovered by Ernie Smith of Tedium and freelance journalist Michael Gresko, I began digging further, and repeatedly asked Noremo and G/O Media what would become of the site. Thursday morning, Lineup Publishing posted a statement confirming the new ownership: "As we look to the future, our focus remains on delivering content that matters, through a platform known for its boldness, integrity, and insight into the world of sports and beyond," Lineup Publishing wrote. "In order to best achieve this, we will be spending the next month moving to our own bespoke platform. All posts, images, and any other form of content will be retained."

"We aim to be able to support delivery of this via partnerships within the sports betting industry," the statement continues. "We believe that by doing this, we can deliver the top quality content people want to read, without impeding the quality and usability of the site." 

The statement adds "The two lead investors, Timothy Booker and Max Noremo come from a background of gaming and media." 

In Spanfeller’s memo to G/O Media staff, he wrote that Lineup Publishing is a “European firm” and said it “is a newly formed digital media company described in their words as ‘dedicated to creating, acquiring and managing high quality media brands across a variety of sectors.’”

“The rationale behind the decision to sell included a variety of important factors that include the buyer’s editorial plans for the brand, tough competition in the sports journalism sector, and a valuation that reflected a sizable premium from our original purchase price for the site,” Spanfeller added. “While the new owners plan to be reverential to Deadpin’s [sic] unique voice, they plan to take a different content approach regarding the site’s overall sports coverage.”

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