'Sydney Sweeney Leak' Malware is All Over Twitter

The platform is full of links to celebrity "leaks" that likely lead to malware.
Screenshots via 404 Media
Screenshots from Twitter showing tweets about "leaks"

Twitter is letting “Sydney Sweeney leak” scams and malware links thrive on its site, in yet another example of how under-moderated the platform is now.

While Sweeney’s boobs entered the culture war last week—inspiring several think pieces and endless, obnoxious online discourse—“Sydney Sweeney leak” became a trending topic on Twitter, and it’s still one of the first suggested searches that pops up if you start typing the actor’s name in the search bar. Even just searching her name returns mostly results for “leak” links, outranking even a ton of Oscars content from her appearance at the award show last night.

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