Podcast: A Glitch Is Hiding Porn on YouTube, and Food Delivery Robots Feed Footage to the LAPD

In this week's episode, Joseph, Sam, Emanuel, and Jason chat about a fascinating YouTube glitch, and what precedent a food robot giving footage to the LAPD sets.
Clockwise from top left: Emanuel, Joseph, Sam, and Jason.
Image: 404 Media.

This week’s 404 Media Podcast is up! Every episode Joseph, Sam, Emanuel, and Jason go deeper on a couple of stories we published in the last week.

We start with a super interesting set of stories about how a small community has found a glitch in YouTube. It lets the group upload basically anything it wants to the platform with little fear of the clip being deleted. That includes explicit videos which were on YouTube for weeks at a time. Emanuel spoke to those responsible.

After the break, Jason explains how he got emails showing that the LAPD wants a "partnership" with food delivery robots. The reason? These robots are constantly recording their surroundings. Right now the footage is being used to investigate attempted thefts of the robots themselves. But the line has been crossed, and now the LAPD knows it can subpoena data from these robots in the future.

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