Podcast: AI is Muddying the Horrors of War, and a Film Community Implodes

In this week's episode we talk about how AI image detectors are making things worse in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and how a community of film photographers is dealing with a trademark issue.
Clockwise from top left: Jason, Joseph, Emanuel, Sam.
Image: 404 Media.

This week’s 404 Media Podcast is up! Every episode Joseph, Sam, Emanuel, and Jason go deeper on a couple of stories we published in the last week.

Content warning for the first half of the episode because it touches on violent themes. Emanuel takes us through how so-called AI detectors are, instead of clearing up the fog of misinformation around the Israel-Palestine conflict, may actually be making everything much worse. A crucial story for these ongoing events. Then after the break, we change gears and Jason explains a trademark dispute in the film photography community. Spoiler: everyone is mad.

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