‘Neural Network’ Fake ID Site Goes Dark After 404 Media Investigation

OnlyFake said it used “neural networks” as part of its automated fake ID generation service. The site has gone offline after 404 Media tested and exposed the service.
One of the fake documents generated by the OnlyFake service.
Image: 404 Media.

OnlyFake, an underground website that lets essentially anyone generate highly convincing photos of fake IDs in minutes, has gone offline. The move comes after 404 Media used the service to create two, highly convincing photos of IDs, and used one of them to successfully step through the identity verification check of a cryptocurrency exchange.

Even with the closure of OnlyFake, the site demonstrated the potential power of synthetic images when it comes to fake identity documents. The owner previously told 404 Media they planned to introduce additional features, such as a selfie generator. Whether OnlyFake will re-emerge at a later date is unclear, but someone else could still take that idea and run with it.

“Website down?” one member of a OnlyFake community Telegram group wrote on Tuesday. “Yes till lunch time, crazy!” another replied.