Nicki Minaj Stans Have Built an AI-Generated, Sci-fi World

This is your captain speaking: Ahead of Minaj's 'Pink Friday 2' out on December 8, fans flock to an AI-generated world of their own making.
An AI generated image of a pink city seen from a plane window, with airplanes and dolphins flying above.
Screenshot via Twitter / @DuhhMinaj

We often cover the confusing, bizarre, and dark aspects of AI image generators and the communities that form around them. But today I would like to take you to a more beautiful, weirder place: Gag City.

Gag City exists in the minds and hearts of Nicki Minaj stans, known collectively as the Barbz. It’s a science fiction world of pink skyscrapers and cathedrals the likes of which we don’t know how to build anymore. And it’s made using AI text-to-image generators like Bing’s image creator.