Introducing the First 404 Media Fellow: Jules Roscoe

Jules will be covering labor and automation and helping our stories show up on all platforms as our first 404 Media fellow.
Introducing the First 404 Media Fellow: Jules Roscoe

Since we launched 404 Media, we have said that our main goal is to sustainably produce journalism and eventually grow responsibly. Today we are thrilled to announce that, thanks to the support of our paying subscribers, we are starting to grow with our first ever 404 Media Fellow, Jules Roscoe. 

If you’ve followed our work at Motherboard (the tech vertical of VICE we worked for before starting 404 Media), chances are you are already familiar with Jules’s byline. They started as an intern there in 2022, and were enormously successful as a labor reporter and social video producer. 

Jules will be continuing that work for 404 Media starting today though the end of June in a paid position, and we couldn’t be happier to work with them again. We highly encourage you to check out some of Jules’s previous reporting, like this story about Amazon union busting, Amazon's AI-powered driver surveillance cameras, the terrible conditions of UPS workers during extreme heat, and TikTok’s viral pink sauce saga.

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The Zoom meeting info and password is written on a note facing customers.

Over the last few months, we have written a handful of stories about how artificial intelligence is changing the nature of work. We believe that the pressures that automation, big tech, and artificial intelligence are putting on workers is one of the most important stories of our time. Jules has a demonstrated ability to show not just how big tech companies and overzealous CEOs are prematurely replacing workers with AI and automated systems, but has also done great work showing how workers and unions are fighting back. Jules will continue that work at 404 Media. 

You can check out their first story here, and send them tips at 

Jules will be reporting their own stories, but they will also be helping us share our stories more widely and more often on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube. Our goal is to have 404 Media’s important work meet our audiences where they are. 

Eventually, we hope to grow 404 Media’s business enough so we can expand our team with permanent hires. We also specifically want to work with early-career journalists. We are extremely proud that many of the interns, fellows, and reporters who started their careers at Motherboard are now some of the best journalists on their respective beats, and we want 404 Media to similarly be a place where young journalists can get opportunities and training, and do work that they would not be able to do elsewhere.  

We are very grateful to our paying subscribers for supporting us in a way that allows us to do that again.