FTC Fines Avast $16.5 Million For Selling Browsing Data Harvested by Antivirus

I previously revealed that Jumpshot, part of the cybersecurity company Avast, was selling products based on users’ browsing data harvested by its antivirus software. Now the FTC has issued a multimillion dollar fine in response.
Avast logo.
Image: Avast Software. Collage by 404 Media.
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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fined cybersecurity company Avast $16.5 million for selling browsing data that the company harvested through its antivirus software and browser plugins, according to an announcement from the FTC. The sizable fine comes in response to a 2020 investigation of mine, that I worked on in collaboration with PCMag, that uncovered the data selling practices. The FTC will also ban Avast from selling browsing data for advertising purposes in the future.

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