ID Verification Service for TikTok, Uber, X Exposed Driver Licenses

As social networks and porn sites move towards a verified identity model, the actions of one cybersecurity researcher show that ID verification services themselves could get hacked too.
A fingerprint.
Image: George Prentzas/Unsplash.

A company that verifies the identities of TikTok, Uber, and X users, sometimes by processing photographs of their faces and pictures of their drivers’ licenses, exposed a set of administrative credentials online for more than a year potentially allowing hackers to access that sensitive data, according to screenshots and data obtained by 404 Media.

The Israel-based company, called AU10TIX, offers what it describes on its website as “full-service identity verification solutions.” This includes verifying peoples’ identity documents, conducting “liveness detection” in a real-time video stream with the user, and performing age verification, where a service will predict how old someone is based on their uploaded photo. AU10TIX also includes the logos of other companies on its site, such as Fiverr, PayPal, Coinbase, LinkedIn, and Upwork, some of which confirmed to 404 Media they are active or former AU10TIX clients.

The news comes as more social networks and pornography sites move towards an identity or age verification model, in which users are required to upload their real identity documents in order to access certain services. The breach highlights that identity services could themselves become a target for hackers. The cybersecurity researcher did not distribute the data beyond providing screenshots and some data to 404 Media for verification purposes.