How SIM Swappers Straight-Up Rob T-Mobile Stores

Video shot from a getaway car shows how SIM swappers have snatched worker tablets to help them take over phone numbers.
Left to right: a still from the video of someone stealing a tablet; a tablet on a table; another still from the video.
Image: 404 Media

A young man sits in a car, pointing a cellphone camera out of the window, seemingly trying to remain undetected. As he breathes heavily in anticipation, he peers at a T-Mobile store across the road from where he is parked. 

Suddenly, there is some commotion inside. An accomplice grabs something off a table where a T-Mobile employee is sitting. The accomplice, dressed in a mask and black baseball cap, then bursts out of the store and clumsily sprints towards the car.

The man in the vehicle starts laughing, then giggling uncontrollably like a child. The pair got what they came for: a T-Mobile employee’s tablet, the sort workers use every day when dealing with customer support issues or setting up a new phone.