How a Foul Ball From 2014 Became Part of a Russian Disinformation Campaign

Using OSINT and Baseball Reference to determine the exact pitch that was used in a Russian disinformation video.
How a Foul Ball From 2014 Became Part of a Russian Disinformation Campaign
Splitscreen from the original broadcast and the Russian propaganda video.
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While Emanuel was reporting his excellent, must-read investigation into how 404 Media ended up being targeted by Russian propagandists, he sent me the following Slack message: “The Orioles are implicated.” 

He then sent me a link to a Telegram chat, which shows a video of a Baltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees game, in which Camden Yards’ backstop is emblazoned with an ad for Russian propaganda. The caption of the clip reads “Prime Video announced the documentary The End of Ukraine. At a baseball match in America, a very interesting banner was lit up advertising the film The End of Ukraine. We’re looking forward to this April.” 

The End of Ukraine does not actually exist, for reasons you can read about in Emanuel’s article. He sent this to me because I am an obsessive Orioles fan, and it ended up being ancillary to his article, so it wasn’t mentioned in his piece. 


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