Hacker Breaches Scam Call Center, Warns Victims They've Been Scammed

A hacker claims to have also stolen source code from the call center, which they say is an antivirus scam.
A still from a CCTV camera in Waredot's office.
Image: NanoBaiter on YouTube.

A hacker claims to have breached a scam call center, stolen the source code for the company’s tools, and emailed the company’s scam victims, according to multiple screenshots and files provided by the hacker to 404 Media.

The hack is the latest in a long series of vigilante actions in which hackers take matters into their own hands and breach or otherwise disrupt scam centers. A massively popular YouTube community, with creators mocking their targets, also exists around the practice.

“Hello, everyone! If you are seeing this email then you have been targeted by a fake antivirus company known as ‘Waredot,’” the hacker wrote in their alleged email to customers, referring to the scam call center. The email goes on to suggest that customers issue a chargeback “as this trash software isn’t worth anywhere NEAR $300-$400 per month, and these trash idiots don’t deserve your money!”