Download the Newly Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Documents Here

Hundreds of pages of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were unsealed Wednesday. Here they are.
Download the Newly Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Documents Here
Image credit: U.S. state of Florida. Collage by 404 Media
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Moments ago, a federal judge unsealed hundreds of pages of documents relating to Jeffrey Epstein, including flight records and unredacted testimony. We are publishing them here because PACER, the federal government's court records site has crashed, as has DocumentCloud, a service 404 Media uses to upload court documents. Included in the following zip file is all of the files unsealed today, which we were able to download before PACER crashed.

We have not reviewed the documents in full but they contain incident reports, unredacted testimony, emails, and other pieces of evidence in a civil case against Ghislaine Maxwell.

Because the U.S. government uses an outdated, expensive court records system in which it collects more than a hundred million dollars a year in fees from people who want to download public records (we paid $35 for these), we are making them available for free as a public service:

Docs released 1/3/24:

Docs released 1/4/24:

Docs released 1/5/24:

Update: This article has been updated with the second batch of documents unsealed on 1/4/24 and the third batch of documents unsealed on 1/5/24.