‘DignifAI:’ 4chan Is Editing Pictures to Clothe Women

The inverse of "nudifying" apps, people are putting clothing on women they deem "undignified."
Emoji faces with big teeth and glasses
The DignifAI profile picture on Twitter

Not content with depicting real women nude or getting gangbanged without their consent, people are digitally manipulating images to put modest clothing on women they deem “undignified.”  

Like some of the viral Taylor Swift deepfakes, these images jumped from 4chan to Twitter and gained more viral attention from there. Users who are sharing the manipulated images that clothe women claim they are using AI tools and have promoted the practice as “dignifAI.”   

A thread on 4chan’s notoriously hateful /pol/ board reads:

“With the power of AI
We will clothe the instahots
We will purifAI them of their tattoos
We will liberate them of their piercings
We will lengthen their skirts”

As was the case when 4chan learned it could use AI image generators to flood the internet with racist content and sow chaos, the 4chan post about dignifAI says the goal is to “commit unrelenting psychological warfare.” The post also shares a series of links to tutorial YouTube videos which in theory could teach someone who to use the open source text-to-image tool Stable Diffusion to clothe images of women, but we haven’t seen evidence that people are actually doing that as opposed to just editing the images with other tools, like Photoshop.