Deepfaked Drake Sings Transphobic Lyrics in Trump Rapper’s Music Video

The world of AI-generated music is getting increasingly weird.
Deepfaked Drake.
Loza Alexander/YouTube.

A Trump rapper released a music video “featuring” deepfaked versions of Drake and 21 Savage, making it seem as if both artists collaborated on a song in which they support Donald Trump and espouse transphobia.

Trump rapper Loza Alexander posted the song, “Strong Delusion”  to YouTube on Friday, and the song is also currently streaming on Spotify. The track itself, which features either AI voices of Drake and 21 Savage or convincing impersonations of them, has been online since September 8, but the video that was posted on Friday also includes deepfaked versions of their appearance, making it seem like they shot a video with Loza Alexander. Judging by the tattoos, Drake and 21 Savage’s faces are deepfaked over Loza Alexander’s performance.

Like some of his previous tracks, in “Strong Delusion” Loza Alexander rattles off conservative talking points against President Joe Biden and hypes up Trump, but has a particular transphobic focus.

In his verse, the deepfake Drake raps:

“Trying to teach the kids to be stupid. Like, what is a woman? What do you think? Y’all need to put down the drink. Liberals soft, they look like a mink, y'all need to work out the kinks. Biden don’t even know what a woman is even though he got a mama and some kids.”

“What is a woman” is a transphobic catchphrase and a documentary from conservative commentator Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire. Previous Loza Alexander tracks include “Free Trump,” “Lets Go Brandon,” “The Sound of Freedom,” and “Target’s on Target,” the latter referring to the retailer angering conservatives for offering LGBTQ+-themed products.

This is not the first time Loza Alexander has used AI to “feature” celebrities in his music. In May, he released a track called “2024” with AI vocals of Trump and Kanye.

Spotify did not respond to a request for comment, but the music streaming giant has taken action on AI-generated music on its platform before. In April, Spotify removed a track, “Heart On My Sleeve,” featuring the AI-generated voices of Drake and The Weekend.

The world of AI-generated music is getting increasingly weird. Last week, 404 Media reported about a community of Harry Styles fans who were paying for unreleased Styles songs that may or may not be generated by AI, highlighting how convincing the technology has become in the last year. As that story notes, the Recording Industry Association of America, a trade organization representing the music recording industry in the United States, has regularly taken action against known AI-generated songs.

The parent company for Drake’s record label, Universal Music Group, did not respond to a request for comment. It will be interesting to see if it will remove Loza Alexander’s music from YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms since it doesn’t only use Drake’s voice and likeness, it also quite literally puts hateful words in his mouth.