Cleaner for SWAT Team Leaks DEA Investigative File on Her Fentanyl Dealing Cousin

In an unusual insider threat case, a cleaner working in a SWAT office allegedly snapped photos of a DEA investigative file and leaked them.
Tactical police officers.
Image: LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR/Unsplash.

This article was produced in collaboration with Court Watch, an independent outlet that unearths overlooked court records.

A cleaner working inside a SWAT facility allegedly leaked DEA investigative files because they concerned her allegedly drug- distributing cousin, allowing him to evade arrest for over a month, according to recently unsealed court records.

The case presents a stark example of the issue of insider threats, where people employed by companies or organizations may somehow gain access to data or information they’re not authorized to handle. Local Ohio outlet WSYX reported on the case on Thursday. 404 Media independently reviewed the related court record and has uploaded the full document here

The case’s origins started in October 2022, when members of the DEA Columbus District Office (CDO) started an investigation into an alleged fentanyl and cocaine distributor called Charles Allen, the complaint says. During that investigation, the DEA received information from a confidential source and made multiple undercover purchases of drugs from Allen, it says. Later, DEA investigators obtained warrants to search residences associated with Allen.