AI Seinfeld Is Broken, Maybe Forever

Nothing, Forever is getting another round of virality as people gawk at what might be the end of the first big AI show.
AI Seinfeld Is Broken, Maybe Forever
Screengrab: Nothing, Forever

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For the last five days or so, one of the main characters of the AI-generated Seinfeld show has been endlessly walking directly into a closed refrigerator. Nothing, Forever, is very broken, stuck on a short, repeating loop for days. It’s also more popular than it’s been in months. 

The glitch raises the question of how “forever” and endlessly generating an AI television show is actually likely to be in a world in which AI glitches exist and creator interest can wane. Last month, I spoke to the creators of Nothing, Forever, who explained that they are aware that fans believed their show had jumped the shark. Now, it’s just fully broken 10 months after its launch, and curious people are giving the show one final look. Here's what it looks like:


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