AI-Generated Kara Swisher Biographies Flood Amazon

Why Read Swisher’s Burn Book when you can read KARA SWISHER : The Heroic Biography of a defining force in Tech Journalism (The Silicon Valley’s most powerful tech journalist).
AI-Generated Kara Swisher Biographies Flood Amazon
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Veteran technology journalist and podcaster Kara Swisher has just released Burn Book, a “part memoir, part history” book about her decades-long career covering Silicon Valley. 

Let me head over to Amazon, type “Kara Swisher” into the search bar, and find the book so I can order it. The first result and “Best Seller” is Burn Book: A Tech Love Story by Kara Swisher for $14.99 on Kindle and $26.96 in hardcover. 

Okay, that’s good. But let me scroll down exactly one result to see what else is available, perhaps a better deal from a different seller, or a related book that would be relevant to my interests. Oh, I see, it’s Kara Swisher: Silicon Valley’s Bulldog (A Biography) by Jane Coelho, featuring a woman on the cover who is not Kara Swisher. 

Coelho has somehow managed to publish two other biographies this year: a biography of British politician Rory Stewart: Philosopher Politician (A Biography) released on February 7, and Magnum Force: The Rise and Legacy of Tom Selleck, released January 30. 

The next result is There Must be a Pony in Here Somewhere: The AOL Time Warner Debacle and the Quest for the Digital Future, Swisher’s 2004 book. That’s good and makes sense. If I’m searching for “Kara Swisher” on Amazon this is a relevant result.