Podcast: The Wild World of Fake AI Influencers

We introduce our new 404 Media fellow Jules Roscoe; go long on fake AI Instagram influencers; talk about the couple making porn for the Apple Vision Pro; and the bizarre sight at a particular New York City chicken shop.
Clockwise Emanuel Maiberg, Jason Koebler, Joseph Cox, Jules Roscoe, Sam Cole.
Image: 404 Media.

We start the episode with an announcement: we've brought on our first 404 Media fellow Jules Roscoe! They did amazing work at Motherboard, and we're stoked to have them on board to cover labor for us and getting our work to audiences wherever they are. As for this week's stories, we start with Jason's wild one about grifters who are taking influencer's videos, deepfaking an AI face onto them, and then driving people to OnlyFans-style accounts. After the break, Sam talks about the couple who have finally got porn onto the Apple Vision Pro. In the subscribers-only section, Jules tells us what they saw when visiting a particular, Zoom-powered chicken shop in NYC.

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