Podcast: This is It. The Deepfake Reckoning

This week we have a banger episode on AI and what the future holds in a potential overcorrection of the space. Then we talk about how an Iranian linked drug trafficker hired a Hells Angel member to perform a hit on U.S. soil. Yep.
Left to right: Sam Cole, Emanuel Maiberg, Joseph Cox
Image: 404 Media.

(Some audio issues this week unfortunately that should be sorted by next time, sorry about that!) This week's episode is a banger. First, we go long with Sam and Emanuel, the two journalists who have followed deepfakes and generative AI more closely than anyone. Their latest piece talks about what is going to happen next: a clampdown in the AI and social media industries that may be an overcorrection, with impacts for everyone. Keeping with AI, Emanuel then explains how the founder of the extremism group The Base told his followers to use uncensored AI. In the subscribers-only section, Joseph talks about how an Iranian linked drug trafficker hired a member of the Hells Angel to carry out a hit on U.S. soil. Yes, that's the sentence.

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