Podcast: Male Tech Conference Founder Runs Popular Woman-in-Tech Account (???)

In this week's episode, we talk about the bizarre tale of a tech conference founder who listed a fake, "auto-generated" woman as a speaker, and how he is also behind a popular woman-in-tech social media personality.
Left to right: Jason Koebler, Joseph Cox, Sam Cole.
Image: 404 Media.

So much drama this episode but with an important message behind it all. For the first half, Sam and Jason break down their stories about Eduards Sizovs, a tech conference founder who listed a fake, "auto-generated" woman as a conference speaker. Sizovs is also behind a highly popular woman-in-tech account. There are layers here. 

After the break, Jason explains how Plex is leaking users' viewing habits to one another. Then in the subscribers-only section, Joseph runs us through how an established figure in the sneaker world is connected to a Chinese money laundering ring.

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