Podcast: Inside a $7 Million Airbnb Scam

On this week's episode of the 404 Media Podcast, we go into a massive, nationwide Airbnb scam; talk about Pornhub cutting off access to Montana and North Carolina; and finish up with the death of Wickr.
Left to right: Jason Koebler, Joseph Cox, Sam Cole.
Image: 404 Media.

We are back for 2024! We hit the ground running this week with a story about charges against a man for allegedly orchestrating a massive, nationwide Airbnb scam. Then Sam speaks about how Pornhub is blocking access to visitors in North Carolina and Montana, who are now (predictably) using VPNs as a workaround. Then in the subscribers-only section we talk about the life and death of the encrypted app Wickr. RIP Wickr.

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