Podcast: Hacking the Adderall Shortage

People in the U.S. are outsourcing the hunt for Adderall to people in the Philippines; an Apple AirTag stalking case; and the Gateway Pundit's (alleged) bankruptcy.
Clockwise: Emanuel Maiberg, Jason Koebler, Sam Cole, Joseph Co
Image: 404 Media.

It feels way longer than a week since our last episode, weird. Anyway this week we start with a wild story with Emanuel, about how people in the US are paying a company, which in turn hires people in the Philippines to then call around U.S. pharmacies to check whether certain drugs are in stock. It shows just how bad the Adderall shortage in the U.S. has gotten. After the break, Sam tells us about a particularly alarming AirTags stalking case, and how the FBI flipped the script on the suspect. In the subscribers-only section, Jason breaks down a bunch of new information regarding the (alleged?) bankruptcy of media organization the Gateway Pundit.

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