Podcast: How Did a 'Russian Economist' Fly into LAX With No Ticket, No Passport, No Memory of How He Got There?

On this week's episode we discuss the bizarre case of Sergey Ochigava, who somehow flew from Denmark to the US with no ticket or passport. What happened? No one knows.
Left to right: Jason Koebler, Joseph Cox, Sam Cole.
Image: 404 Media.

A really bizarre mystery this week. We broke the news that a man somehow flew into LAX without a ticket or passport, while DHS is totally stumped. Who knows how he got there? No one, apparently. Then Sam explains the latest Patreon ban hammer against a misunderstood community. In the subscriber's only section, Joseph explains a massive mistake by Verizon potentially put a person's physical safety at risk, and what this means for why he doesn't use a phone.

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